Rehabilitative Yoga

Yoga treats the body and mind holistically; it emphasises meditation, relaxation, breathing and physical postures, with no one thing being more important than the other.

Yoga has been used as a treatment for lower back, back and neck/shoulder pain for many years because it address muscle imbalances; weak muscles are strengthened and tight muscles are released. Although yoga has a reputation for focusing on flexibility, strength building is also an equally important physical component.

Research has shown yoga will increase physical fitness, reduce heart rate, reduce stress and, potentially, have a positive impact on the immune system by reducing inflammatory markers (chemical messengers within the blood stream causing inflammation).

Yoga is beneficial for all ages and you do not have to be “flexible” or “strong” to do it.  During your session, we will work within your own personal limitations, focusing on movements that will provide you with the greatest benefit to meet your treatment goals.